You Don't Have To Figure Out This Fitness Thing All On Your Own!

Learn why having an online Coach can be the biggest difference maker.

Getting In Shape Should Not Be Rocket Science!

We'll teach you an effective (and simple) approach to MAKING GAINS...THE SMART WAY.

No Expensive Gimmicks. 

We're not about those expensive overnight fitness trends. We deliver real results, without breaking your wallet.

No False Promises.

Whether or not you decide to work with us we're committed to your overall health & well being. If we aren't a good fit, we'll tell you upfront.

No Risk.

Enjoy a 15-min. phone consultation with absolutely no strings attached to see if we are in fact the right fit. 100% Free.

Maybe you're thinking.... 

Why Can't I Just Coach Myself?

 Let's be honest, “getting in shape” isn't an easy thing to do! And as a result, we'll waste our hard earned money on worthless pills, powders, and supplements hoping for a way to make it easier.

 We'll do an insane amout of cardio in the gym and religously follow all the free workouts we find on Youtube. We'll watch these Youtube videos and follow every single fitness rule we've ever heard of (“Don't eat too many carbs! Don't skip the cardio! Get your heart rate in the fat burning zone!”).  

Yet, despite all of the invested time, money, and energy, we still don't see any results. To be honest, things tend to actually get worse. 


  • Well, for starters, that one size fits all diet plan you found on a free website probably won’t work for you in the long run. Doesn't matter if it’s a Vegan, Paleo, Vegetarian, Keto, Whole 30, Calorie Counting, or anything in between, you have to pick the plan that's specifically tailored for your specific needs.
  • Also, keep in mind that free YouTube workout video you watched won’t help you reach the exact goals you’ve laid out for yourself either. Simply doing the workout itself won’t be enough to make you look like the person in the video. You and the trainer in the video don’t have the same body type, hormones, genetics, nutritional opportunities, or lifestyle. It's no surpise that generic plans or strategies don’t work for most people.

So What Works Then?

In my experience and the personal success I’ve seen in my 10 years of training, you’re significantly more likely to build muscle or lose fat and keep that off IF you've got the following:

  • A custom designed workout plan tailored for your specific goals.
  • A nutrition plan that is specifically built for you based on your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Accountability from an expert who knows more about fitness than you know yourself.

Now you might be wondering...

Can You Help Me Get In Shape?

And the answer is through our Online Coaching program we most definitely can! 

Online coaching is the future of fitness and your own personal Coach will send you customized workouts through a state of the art app they'll provide you with. 

Through this app your coach will be able to hold you accountable (which is the true value in online coaching) for completing and tracking each of your workouts. 

Our clients sign into their Coaching app and follow the workout that has been customized for their goals.  

They track their food based on the guidance provided by their coach. And they interact with their coach who is checking in on them, rooting for them to succeed, and picking them up when they’re down.  

It may seem a little silly to some, but just knowing that somebody is actively cheering you on can be enough to make habits start to stick! And that doesn’t even factor in that the expert is also crafting a plan and strategy that is unique to your personal goals and time commitments!

None of that cookie cutter one size fits all nonsense!

Workouts Sent Directly To Your Phone!

Follow workout plans that you can start using right away and are sent directly to your phone through our Coaching app.  

Don't know how to do a pullup? No problem! 

Don't know how to properly bench press? No problem!

Don't know how to perform a bicep curl? No problem!

It's absolutely no problemm because each workout plan you receive includes a detailed HD video showing you how to perform each and every single exercise!

You'll never have to guess whether or not you're using proper form again!


Nutrition Made Super Simple!

  Your Coach will create a meal plan for you that is actually realistic and sustainable! 

Nutrition is one of the BIGGEST factors that will determine your fitness success and we want to set you up to win!

We'll help you choose from several quick and easy ways to track and measure your nutrional success – and if need be - make important nutritional adjustments week to week!

Best of all - your meal program will be 100% tailor made for you based on your food likes and dislikes !

If you tell us you hate Salmon, guess what you won't find anywhere on your meal plan? You guessed it buddy..SALMON! 

That's one of the main benfits of having a program specifically created for you. You set the rules!


What Do You Get As A Smart Digital Fitness Coaching Client?

No need for you to go on this fitness journey alone – we're here to help you, guide you, teach you, and walk alongside you (in your pocket via the mobile app on your phone!).  

So this is how the whole system is going to work.

  •  EXPERT ISTRUCTION RIGHT IN YOUR POCKET!- Your coach will communicate with you through the mobile app, and will help design your program from the ground up to fit your personal lifestyle.
  • NEVER WONDER WHAT TO DO NEXT! ABSOLUTELY NO GUESSWORK!- Literally all you have to do is wake up and check into your app! You’ll see any messages from your coach along with your assigned workout or activities for the day. Just follow the instructions. It's literally that simple.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY FROM A CERTIFIED EXPERT. - Your own personal accountability coach is going to be there with you every step of the way! They'll help hold you accountable (which is the true value in online coaching) for completing and tracking each of your workouts. And if you miss a workout, guess who gets alerted? Your Coach! If this happens, they'll reach out to you, not to make you feel guilty – but to get honest feedback about the missed workout and how they can help to get you get back on track.
  • TRAIN AROUND YOUR OWN SCHEDULE (NOT YOUR TRAINERS)- Every single day every one of us has a million things we're trying to get done. And it’s sometimes hard to commit to a regular time to meet your personal trainer and hit the gym. But with an our Online Coaching program, you can train whenever and wherever you like! You don’t need to work around your trainer’s schedule, and you don’t need to reschedule anything! 
  • EXPERT GUIDANCE ON PROPER FORM- Don't know how to perform an excerise? That's fine! Because we'll provide you with a video tutorial demonstrating how to properly perform every single movement!


Every now and then, we have a spot open up in one of our coaches schedules. To be eligible for one of these spots (and to see if one is available now), your next step is to enter your Name and Email on the form below. Someone from the Smart Digital team will follow up with you!

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